Monday, November 16, 2009

The Kid-Lit Debrief

I've always wanted to do an "Oscar" speech so here it goes:

My thanks for everyone who made Kid-Lit Festival the success it deserved to be.

The first and biggest "thank you" goes to the authors who attended. You all took a chance coming to this little upstart indie bookstore in the middle of farm country PA. We could not have asked for a nicer and more generous group of authors and illustrators.  You stayed late for extra book signings, put down your lunches to talk to fans, and made us feel like good hosts!

Thanks to all of you who came out to the events and enjoyed yourselves. Thanks to friends near and far for plugging our "little" project to anyone and everyone on Twitter and Faceboook.

A BIG "thank you" to our business sponsors - The Lititz House B&B for housing some of our guests, The General Sutter Inn for giving us use of the Zum Anker Cafe for the group signing, MetroExpress Pizza for supplying our Teen Pizza Party, Kimberton Whole Foods for keeping us fed, Kiwi Marketing for their awesome support of our Authors Breakfast, and Wilbur Chocolate, Sturgis Pretzels and Cafe Chocolate for providing delicious goodies for our swag bags. What better way to give our guests a "taste" on Lititz?

Thank you to the children who are our inspiration each day we open the store... if we can just increase one child's enthusiasm for reading each day, we are thrilled.... it's not at all about the money for us, it's about spreading our love of books, reading, and opening new worlds with words.

Thanks to our staff, paid and volunteers.  Vicky, you were a great kickoff to the weekend... and we promise no more giant stuffed heads! To Aaron's Grammy and Grandaddy for their 24/7 support and helping make the weekend flow, and to Jack, Clarissa and Julie for being such a big help on Saturday!

And I'd like to thank the Academy (oh wait.. wrong speech....) thanks to our fellow indiebookstores. Seeing what you all do and the passion for books you have, inspires us each day!

Some highlights of the weekend:
  • Seeing the local authors who have followed each other's work for years meeting for the first time;
  • Escorting the Cat in the Hat through a gaggle of kids that wanted to hug one of their favorite literary characters;
  • Seeing a room full of kids enthralled while authors and illustrators read aloud;
  • Feeling the energy in the room at the General Sutter Inn as the authors enjoyed talking to each other about their books;
  • Watching the most AMAZING (there really isn't another word for it) panel discussion that brought together authors and illustrators that span all ages and interests of readers... you REALLY have to see some of the video clips here;
  • Enjoying a great evening of good music and pizza with authors enthusiastic to share their books with their readers;
  • Seeing the look on a young fan's face when Lisa Greenwald sat down and introduced herself at the breakfast - Priceless;
  • Watching budding young authors learn the craft from Marie Lamba;
  • Sitting in on a great workshop for writiers looking to be published and seeing them make connections in the group to further their own writing;
  • Meeting people and families that traveled up to four hours to be a part of this weekend, and welcoming people from the neighborhood who were just discovering us;
  • Listening to people so passionate about their craft that they want to share it with everyone in the room. That by far was the best part of the entire weekend!
Below are some pictures from the weekend.  Enjoy; and see you in 2010 for the SECOND Annual Lititz Kid-Lit Festival.

- Sam

Mara Rockliff's interactive reading of THE BUSIEST STREET

Our special guest who kicked off Staurday's activities

Eric Wight reads from FRANKIE PICKLE before showing the kids how to draw his characters

A most awesome panel discussion, (L to R)- A.S. King, Lisa Greenwald, Lee Harper, Beth Kephart, Eric Wight, Matt Phelan (not in picture- Julie Peterson, aka "Booking Mama" and Mara Rockliff

Aaron with his fans (who happen to be some of MY favorite tween/teen authors!)

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  1. Thanks to both of you! You hosted an amazing event!!!! I think everyone that participated agrees that it was just amazing!!!

    Can't wait for next year!