Monday, October 26, 2009

A Special Note from Sam, Todd & Aaron

Core to our mission as Aaron's Books is creating a place for the community to gather to exchange and explore ideas. One way we have worked towards that mission in the past year has been by expanding our public events; some have been popular, while others have not generated as much interest as we expected. Among our events have been: nationally-known authors, a local candidate forum, local authors and artists, movie night, children's story time, family fun night, a week-long library fundraiser, writing workshops, theological discussions, and a variety of book groups.

We would love to hear from you about our events, and what you would like to see in 2010. Please stop in or send us an email about our events. What recent events have you enjoyed at Aaron's Books? Are there any events that failed to meet your expectations? Were there events you would have attended if they'd been at a different time? What types of events would you like us to try? Are you willing to help promote or organize an event at Aaron's Books? In other words, we need to know what events would draw an audience so that we do not fall victim to "Use Us or Lose Us".

In this time of online price wars and expansion by the big box stores, you get to decide where you want your book buying dollars to go; and your continued patronage will help us keep our doors open for many years.

Thanks for your continued support of Aaron's Books and thanks for "Lovin' Lititz".

PS- here is an excellent article from HuffingtonPost's new book section- "Why All the Fuss About 'Independent' Bookstores"

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