Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Power of Your Shopping Dollar

The change in our economy has made the conversation about shopping locally more important than in was the past; because locally owned stores like Aaron’s Books employ many other local businesses to help with their operations. Essentially, many other people in our area (our neighbors) make a living doing business with Aaron’s Books. This helps our whole local economy.

Some examples of some of the PA small businesses & services we use that larger chains do not: printing, computer service, insurance, paper supplies, graphic design, website hosting, hardware supplies, food. Chain stores use their corporate headquarters thousands of miles away for all these services. By shopping locally, you are not only supporting that particular store, but a whole host of other locally owned businesses and community members as well.

We purchase used books from the citizens of Lancaster County, infusing cash back into the system, while “recycling” reading materials.

We purchase some of our new books & gift inventory from industry/trade sales representatives, most of which live in the Philadelphia or Baltimore area. Local sales representatives make all of their salaries selling to independent stores like Aaron’s. Chain stores use their own in house reps and buyers situated far from the stores they are supplying, they do not use local sales reps for their stores. Local sales reps take the time to get to  know our customers and our store. They enjoy their position as someone that can bring just the right book into the right community.  They too value shopping locally.

Aaron’s donates cash and books each year to our local schools, food pantry, library, and other local non-profits that serve Lititz. Amazon does absolutely nothing to support local organizations and has no local employees or service providers. The Evil River Empire does not pay one dime in sales tax to the state of Pennsylvania… so those roads the mail carriers use to deliver their goods to you are PAID FOR BY US, not them!

We hope you will consider these issues as you make your shopping choices in the future. Aaron’s Books and other local stores are here for you and your community.

Thank you for shopping your locally owned independent reatilers!

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  1. Great post on shopping locally - plus, I had never thought about the "green" side of buying used books. Thanks!