Sunday, June 20, 2010

What We're reading This Week

Aaron is due for a library trip, so his read is unknown right now.  Although he is continuing with Harry Potter 5 with mommy and myths and legends from around the world with daddy at bed-time.

Todd is finishing up Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and then he will delve into the life of Michelangelo with the upcoming bio by John T. Spike.

Vicky is spending her week with ghouls and ghosts.  She's reading The Faculty Club by Danny Tobey and and arc of  Holy Ghosts by Gary Jansen. 

Sam learned a big lesson with her read this week- When Julie P (aka BookingMama) hands you a book and says "you should read this one, you'll like it", don't wait 4 months and start it at 9pm when you really should be sleeping!  Julie knows her books and Sam's taste.  Said book is The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen, and any time Sam is not working diligently on the computer this week, her nose will be deep into this great read. So everyone... if BookingMama says something is a "must read", RUN don't walk to your local indie and buy a copy!  (don't know where your local indie is, or don't have one?  use INDIEBOUND to find one and order online!  Remember that indies support their/your communities and the EvilRiverEmpire doesn't!)

Happy Reading!


  1. Aw....thanks! I actually have quite a few "must-reads" that I've read lately! I'll pass them along if you don't need any sleep!

  2. I totally trust BookingMama too!!

  3. I'd trust Bookingmama with ANY recommendation! :-)