Thursday, June 3, 2010

Aaron in the Big City

Aaron has lots to say about his trip to New York City last week

First we rode the train. Then we went to our hotel. I dance a little bit there because of the music in the lobby, like a disco. Then we ate lunch at a restaurant call Ben Ash.  Then we got our backpacks and went to the Tut exhibit.  It had everything a pharoh should have: gold, and Tut even had one of the first boxes that had hinges EVER in the world, and silver and jewels in there too, and the model boats, and even King Tut's body. Then we had a relaxing ride through Central Park and I climbed a few big rocks and boulders too, before super.

day 2
I went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and Grammy & Grandaddy went with me.  We got audio tours.  (there is a quiz at the end of my thoughts! hehe) I learned that the copper on the SoL is only 2 pennies thick! And that you could be sent back from Ellis Island to the place you wanted to leave most.  Below is a video of Ellis Island museum.  When I got back to the hotel, we found these bags of goodies in our rooms.  It had a Diary of Wimpy Kid Bottle, an apron from a TV show, a t-shirt and a I LOVE NY LEGO book.

day 3
Up, up, up!  I went to Empire State (building). My traveling friends were there with me.  I saw the high New York. And I could almost see New Jersey from there, and every single building in NYC was there, depending on which way you looked. I even saw where the Titanic would have landed (that was part of the audio tour, which is now my favorite type of tour).

The Expo. When I got to the Expo it was a little crowded. While waiting for Mommy, we went to the floor and it was an amzing site to see, all these mazes of booksellers and all these people carry large bags of free books.  Books everywhere. Books, Books, Books! Then we waitied in the lounge and met mommy on the red carpet. Then mommy and I went back to the children's section and saw even more, but we missed Darth Vader and the chickens! :( We ran into Eric Wight (author of Frankie Pickle, one of my favorites).And I met an Indonesian tiger, at once I KNEW it was a Sumatran Tiger because my class had been studying Indonesia this year.

And that was my trip to New York!


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