Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sam's Best of 2009

This has been a banner year for books.... lots of the heavy hitters had books coming out this fall.... but I MUST come clean- I didn't read any of them.  I personally prefer "light" books, and my list of best books of 2009 features just that type of book (with one or two exceptions).

For the Ladies- books with strong indenfiable women, written by great women themselves

Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen (PB released in 2009)- A great tale of sisters set in a very tiny town in the deep south, circa 1970's.  A wonderful, lay in bed on a Sunday afternoon read!

Richest Season (PB released in 2009)- A great story about finding your true selfe before it's too late.

School of Essential Ingredients- a cooking school that teaches more than just kitchen techniques.  Truly magical!  I read an advance copy of this book about 16 months ago, and the images of the Italian kitchen are STILL with me... one of the few books I will re-read, ever.

Addition- a love story featuring a heroine with severe OCD focussing on numbers and counting.  A feel good book, for those of us with some quirks.

Spunky and Forthright Gals- books with characters under 25, but great reads for those of us over 25!

Dust of 100 Dogs- a female pirate coming back to rural PA after living and remembering 100 lives as dogs... need I say more??

Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie- think Miss Marple meets Roald Dahl.  Brilliant cozyish type mystery with one of the most intellegent, witty 12 year olds you'll find in literature!

The Good Girl Books- a personal favorite genre- clean YA lit with girls you'd have wanted to been friends with in Middle and High School

My Life in Pink and Green- 12 year old Lucy saves her family drugstore by turning it into the hip spa high schoolers swarm to. 

Same Difference- 17 year old artist just doesn't feel like she fits in anymore. Sometimes you have to leave home and friends to find home and friends.

The Cupcake Queen- another one with middle school angst set amongst a sweet indie shop.  Great for moms and tweens.

The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate- the tween good girl book set in turn of the century Texas.  Great book for any young budding scientist.

Books for the younger readers, that won't bore mom and dad-

Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom- a mix of chapter book and graphic novel. This one is a HUGE hit at Aaron's school... perfect for any youngster with an interest in Diary of a Wimpy Kid type books.

Duck! Rabbit!- well what do YOU think it is, a duck or a rabbit??

Blueberry Girl- is there anything Neil Gaiman can't do brilliantly?  this beautful poem is lusciously illustrated to make any parent want little girl to read this aloud to!

The Busiest Street in Town- sometimes we need to just slow down! (and eat gingersnap cookies)

Turkey Trouble- uh-oh it's almost time for Thanksgiving supper... but never fear, turkey has a quite unique solution to his troubles!

14 Cows for America- Based on one of the most endearing stories that came out of September 11, 2001 (good luck reading this one without tears of joy!)

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