Thursday, June 18, 2009

IndieBound Rocks!

Matt, the code-god behind the website, has added some awesome new features that not-so-techno people like me can get "geeked" about.
As you can see we've added a "widget" to our blog that highlights some of our current bestselling books. Click on the book for more info or to order it. You too can add lists of books to your website, then link the book to IndieBound or your favorite indie bookstore (which is Aaron's Books, naturally! hehe).

Here's the skinny straight from the code guy himslef:

Our theme for this round of updates (yes, we picked a theme...) is "Pass it On." We've rolled out a number of significant changes to to give you more ways than ever before to spread the Shop Indie message.

IndieBound Book Lists has had a Wish List feature since Holiday '08, but now each community member can create an unlimited number of book lists. Each list can be given its own name, as well as some introductory text, which is a great place to include a ship-to address, tax deductible information, and more.

New Book List Builder New lists need new tools, and we wanted to be sure indie fans could build great lists fast. We've created a new list builder function which provides a book search on the left and your book list on the right, so you can add, rearrange, and move books between lists super-fast, all from one screen.
Annotate Book List BooksBy popular request! Using the new Book List Builder, you can add notes to each book on your list--for example, to request a signed copy, or to indicate which month your book group will be reading each title.

Share Your Lists with the World Once you've made a great list of books, you'll want to get it out there. We've provided several ways to do so. You can email your list to mutual friends on, or to any group of email addresses. We've provided printable versions of each list that you can take with you for in-store shopping. And each list is syndicated as an RSS feed, so you can plug it into any RSS/XML widget on your blog or Facebook page.We're also working on public venues on to show off the newest and best book lists.

But wait, there's also...
IndieBound Book Widgets! You can also add book lists to your blog or website in a fun, interactive way using our new IndieBound Book Widgets. These lightweight JavaScript widgets can be created from any book list, or from the Indie Bestseller Lists or Indie Next List. Affiliates may include their affiliate ID to collect a commission from sales. Widgets are available in a variety of sizes and with a completely customizable palette of colors. And each book can link either to, or to one of your favorite stores that offers online shopping.

As always, frequent site visitors may need to refresh their browsers to see some of the changes.There's much more to come, including an update bringing these book lists to
IndieBound for iPhone. Stay tuned.Check out the latest book lists!

Yes, you read that correctly- IndieBound also has a great iPhone application that will help you find indie stores (not just bookstores) wherever you are in the country, just by using your GPS location... and of course you can order books through the "app"... and it's FREE!!

Shop Indie everywhere you go!

Looking for the next great read, the next big thing, or the next undiscovered gem? Independent bookstores have always had the answer. Now IndieBound for iPhone puts the latest indie bookseller recommendations and bestsellers in your pocket, so you can *really* keep up with what’s going on in the book world. Each book includes a link to purchase direct from the website of an indie bookstore near you. Also included is a comprehensive book search and a location-based store finder to guide you straight to America’s best bookstores.

IndieBound for iPhone allows anyone to:

Browse indie bookseller recommendation lists (The Indie Next List, The Kids Indie Next List) and bestseller lists (The Indie Bestseller Lists)

Search for books from a comprehensive database of in-print titles

Review detailed book information

Buy books online from indie bookstores
Find local, indie bookstores nearby, or across the United States
Find other independently-owned businesses, like coffee shops, movie theaters, and bicycle stores
Free from the App Store -- Download Now!

The folks at the American Bookseller's Association and IndieBound are doing great things for us and we stand and applaud them wholeheartedly for their hardwork and never ending dedication (and we promise more Wilbur Buds at NAIBA in the Fall!!).
PS- to see our full list and what we have to say about the books (all are staff picks too.. how convenient) click here

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