Thursday, October 21, 2010

Have You Met...

(admit it, there were some of you that thought I was going to say "Ted", didn't you?)

Like Sam, she hates having
her picture taken, here's one from
when Aaron was a baby
Aaron's Grammy, Hatsy (a family nick-name for Harriette), officially joined the Aaron's Books crew this Fall. As with everyone at the store, she's an avid reader (and feels guilty when she just doesn't have the time to have her nose in a book).

Hatsy spent many years working with children. After Sam was happily ensconced in elementary school, she went back to school for her teaching certificate. She's managed several day care facilities in Germany, and served as a family services advocate on several military bases. When Aaron's Grandaddy retired from the Army, she took up teaching full time; first as a kindergarten teacher, then as a 5th grade math, science, and history teacher.

Her reading reflects what she taught, as she LOVES any good historical fiction. She's also a lover of picture books (once a kindergarten teacher, always a kindergarten teacher).  She'll be leading most of our story-time and craft activities with the younger kids.

Come by and say "hi" next time you're in Lititz and want to talk history books!

~Happy Reading

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