Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Blogging We Will Go..

This is Book Bloggers Appreciation Week-  BBAW (woohoo for people that have time to read AND write wonderful reviews!! I bow down to you!)  A few feisty book bloggers have banded together to set up  week of awards, games, and giveaways to celebrate each other.  I thought in celebration I'd post some of my favorite book related blogs.... these are the ones I have on my blog reader and try to check at least once a week.

General Interest Blogs (talk about more than one genre) 

Lori's Reading Corner- Lori has been an online (and in person) friend for several years. About a year ago (or was it 2??) a bunch of us online buddies encouraged her to start writing reviews, since she was always recommending books to us.  She's taken these reviews for friends to a whole new level and is now working with some of her favorite Cozy Mystery authors, and editing manuscripts!  Lori loves books and reading, and you can really see that in her blog.

Books on The Nighstand-  is book lover crack.  Michael and Ann are sales reps for a major publishing company and do this blog (and a great podcast) in their "free" time.  They always have great recommendations that span lots of genres, and have gotten even me to step out of my "fluff" fiction box.

BookingMama- We met Julie when she came to one of our author events  in June (Susan Gregg Gilmore, for those asking.)  Since then we've been in contact many times, and the awesome Julie is going to serve as the panel host for our Kid-Lit Festival.

Romance Genre Blogs

Smart Bitches Trashy Books- Their blog title really says it all. Some pretty smart gals writing about the books commonly refered to as "trash" (see my post below about coming out of the Romance Closet)

Dear Author-Jane always has her pulse on the romance writing world, and with quick wit, tells it like it is.

The Season-If you are a historical romance reader on a tight budget DO NOT go to this site... trust me... I own a store and get catalogues of books and everytime I visit my book orders for romances double.  This is the best place to see what is coming out, and to break the bank. 

Mystery Genre

These next few blogs are a daily look at the cozy life by several of my favorite cozy mystery writers.
Cozy Chicks
Femme Fatales
Killer Hobbies

The Inside Scoop
These are the blogs that are written by fellow indie bookstore people that really give you a great look at what goes on behind our closed doors...

Kash's Book Corner
Inkwell Bookstore Blog
Vroman's Bookstore
 Green Apple Books (the guys that brought you the 10 part Book vs. Kindle video series)
The ABA Omnibus
Now, I know that I could have linked to blogs for a few more hours and still not even scratched the surface of the book blogging world.  There are thousands of excellent blogs out there focused on books, and as the BBAW has shown, they really cross all genres and ages of reading.  Be sure to link to some of your favorites in the comments (and see the list on my blog reader grow so long that I may just have to give up the store to have enough time to read them!)

- Sam


  1. Sam, thanks so much for including Books on the Nightstand on this amazing list!

  2. How nice to be mentioned. Thank you! You have a great slate of bloggers here and some I haven't heard of.

    I, too, love The Season. What a great addition to the romance blogosphere.

  3. Aaron,

    Thanks so much for warning readers away from my site. LOL. I just love that. Is it wrong for me to want EVERYONE to want to read romances--especially historicals??


  4. So sorry Sam, I should read bylines first. :)