Saturday, April 4, 2009

Small Example of Why Shopping Independent Locally Owned Businesses Makes A Difference

Over the course of the past few months we've seen a slight increase in our sales, enough to make us happy.. but what does that MEAN to our town?

Let's take March as an example...we saw a 23% increase, which means we can buy and trade more books with townspeople (circulating more money amongst the citizenry), we got new posters and bookmarks printed at a local shop that employs Lititz residents, we bought Aaron some toys from a locally owned shop that pays local taxes towards the schools and police.

Not included in that number were 2 large events. We hosted a 3 day bookafir at a local private school. The parents, by supporting a locally owned store for those 3 days, bought enough for us to purchase about $600 (retail) books for the new library at the school, which will help in educating young local citizens; we also sold books for a Lancaster Literary Guild event, the money donated to them then funds their community outreach programing (in schools and amongst older residents).

In the past 9 months we've raised money and bought books for the local library, collected canned goods and money for the local foodbank; and we are currently running fundraiser for a local sustainable living non-profit.

If a chain had seen an increase in sales like we had that money would have gone right back up the chain into a CEO's stock options.... NOT ONE DIME of it would have stayed in the community... Shopping local DOES make a difference in your community- it pays for your schools, your police, your parks, your libraries... don't let the chains fool you there is absolutely noting "community" or "local" about them!

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