Friday, March 27, 2009

Aaron's Books Celebrates Earth Day Every Day in April

Aaron's Books will celebrate Earth Day and sustainable living throughout the month of April. The store will be filled with displays on environmentalism and "green" living, many specifically geared at educating children. Proceeds from purchases of the books on display will be donated locally and internationally.

Aaron's Books, a member of the Susquehanna Sustainable Business Network, will donate a portion of sales to this locally-run nonprofit organization which sponsors the "Green Pages" resource directory and hosts public educational gatherings on sustainable living throughout the Susquehanna Valley region. Aaron's Books will also donate a portion of sales to Heifer International,a global nonprofit that supplies small towns and farmers with the animals, tools, and education they need to live sustainably and produce goods for profit in developing nations.

Children who visit Aaron's Books during Lititz's Second Friday events on Friday, April 10, will receive plant pots to decorate, as well as seeds and organic soil for planting their own herb garden. They will also receive a booklet (printed on recycled paper) that shows the benefits of organic gardening and eating locally-grown foods.

For our adult shoppers, anyone who provides their own reusable shopping tote will receive a 10% discount on used book purchases during the week of April 19-25.

As members of the local community, as well as the global village, we feel it is important to provide information about healthy and sustainable living, and to support organizations that promote similar educational goals.

Aaron's Books has been a proponent and educational source for sustainable living in the Susquehanna region since its founding in 2005. As a charter member of the Susquehanna Sustainable Business Network, Aaron's Books strives to conduct business in a eco-friendly way by providing the community with free books twice yearly (rather than adding to the growing trash heaps), using paper products made from recycled materials, offering Fair Trade goods made from re-used and recycled items, selling and serving organically grown teas, paying employees a fair and just wage, and providing customers and community members with information about the economic and environmental benefits of shopping locally.

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