Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Shopping Tip #1

So you hate the crowded malls and downtowns with an endless loop Christmas "Musak"? No Indie bookstore in your town? No time? Hate getting out of your jammies to shop?

Your problems are solved! IndieBound has a new book wishlist feature that will let you tell your friends and family exactly what you want, and then they can shop indie online... in their jammies, no less!

Even if you don't need a holiday wishlist, I highly recommend joining IndieBound. Add your favorite Indie stores and learn about others in your area you didn't know existed. It's a new and growing site that can only get better with more users!

Sam @ Aaron's Books
(and yes, even I have a wishlist there... not everything at the store can be mine! haha)

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